It's been quite awhile since I have done this, but I see an awful lot of people posting about inactive/slow friends list. Mine is a bit slow as well. Even though there are a lot of people, many are inactive now. I just tend not to remove people unless it's been literally years.

You can check out my profile; however, I am a pretty old fart who will hit her 10th anniversary on LJ in April.

I'm a former New York City girl who moved to Florida just about 2 years ago.

I enjoy spending time on LJ, writing (I have a public blog on Blogger), Twitter, knitting (when the urge strikes me). I am also a makeup and cosmetic junkie.

I have one big fandom love and that is Johnny Weir -- I will incorporate pictures of him in my posts often but rarely post exclusively about him.

Feel free to share this post with your friends...I will leave this open until the 20th or so...


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Alright so you all want to know about me.
I'm 30 years old. Pagan. I can be eccentric at times and a bit childish. I love to read, write, draw, and paint. I tend to really love horror movies , sci-fi movies, and historical drama movies. I also enjoy watching classic hollywood films. I'm not a very active person physically but I manage to stay busy with my family though. Off-line I mostly spend time with my family and friends and our animals. I still live with my parents and my grandfather and our pets. I have two betta fish Prince and Starr. Two cats Hottie and Kitty Bear. I am not working right now and I admit to being obese. In my journal I talk about health and depression. I am very honest about how I feel about things and who I am. I've dealt with a lot of medical problems in my life ( not because of my weight ) . I also enjoy reading self help books but with a new age / pagan flare to them. I do wish to loose weight but it's taking me time to get there. I write about other things but those are in filters . My journal is friends only as well for good reasons. I love making friends but have also been hurt in the past, like most people.
I have a lot of interests and hobbies but I wont get into them all here. I tend to go to the same places. I can't drive at all and still have to rely on my parents on some things that are natural and easy for most people. I also suffer from social anxiety and other things.

I am also looking for a friendship relationship to help in writing … I love to write but I get stuck a lot and very easy. I've been searching for a bout a year off and on but still no real luck. I think that is about it. Please take a gander at my profile , I think it will help.